Jane Smith Agency

The art of transforming brands
through inspiration and meaningful connection with
the most powerful consumer in the world.

The Discerning Female Consumer™

Her power and influence is unmatched by any other demographic.
She is defined by a complex mindset that has emerged among female consumers
with access to unprecedented levels of disposable income, always-on commerce
exposure, and a psychology that has been influenced by the cultural, social
and political journey she’s been on for the past decade.

She is powerful and paying attention.

Transforming Shiseido’s luxury
brand for the global market.

Clé de Peau Beauté

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91% of women feel that advertisers
don’t understand them. 

 We do.

 And the brands that prioritize connecting
meaningfully with them, will win.

Disrupting the diamond industry
for a new generation.

Natural Diamond Council

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Our Expertise

  1. Strategies for global markets.
  2. Developing brands from whitespace to launch and beyond.
  3. Amplifying existing brands through strategic 360 marketing.
  4. In-house Consulting – managing and partnering with internal teams.
  5. The Discerning Female Consumer™ – an emerging global mindset
    defined by exceptional buying power and social influence

Reviving the luminary science
backed skincare brand.


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Innovating the beauty e-commerce
experience in India.

Kult Beauty


A beauty experience that would
transform the industry.

Violet Grey

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Major headlines: maximizing
360 for a young color brand.

Patrick Ta


Designing a platform that revolutionizes the
experience of pregnancy and motherhood.

One Tribe

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Creating a destination hospitality experience
from inception to execution.

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